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Seasonal Breads

Now that the holidays are past, we are excited to be featuring our Olive Sourdough Bread and our rich dark Pumpernickel Loaf. In addition to these special breads, Greg is working on development of a signature Beer Bread for Breckenridge Brewery. BB has approached the bakery in anticipation of the opening of their new gastro-pub in the neighborhood... the Ale House at Amato's. All hydration used with the making of this bread is done with 100% Breckenridge Brewery Beer. As usual, not all of these breads are available each day and it is best to call the bakery for information.

Throughout the year, we are pleased to offer breads to enhance our usual line up. We try to change these breads often enough to keep things interesting. In November and December, we're proud to bake our Cherry Walnut bread. At Easter time, we do a wonderful Easter bread called Columba di Pasqua. During the week of St. Patricks Day, we bake Irish Soda bread. And the list goes on....

Other bread that will appear seasonally may include Pumpernickel, Swedish Peasant bread, Three-seeded Rye Cressant, Jalapeno Corn Bread, Olive Sourdough, Whole Wheat Pesto, Buttermilk Oak, etc.

As you browse our menu, realize that not everything is offered every day. In fact, some of our very exclusive breads may only be offered 3 to 5 days the entire year.

You are always welcome to call the bakery to inquire which breads are offered on a daily or weekly basis, 303-455-7194.



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